Blooming Beloved

Driving into work, I was frantically searching for the nearest gas station. However, it wasn’t because my tank was empty. My head was full, and I needed to put my thoughts on paper. It seemed like miles passed by on the country roads before I spotted a Valero. Pulling up on the side of the gas station, my fingers could not type fast enough. “What is happening? I haven’t written like this in ages,” I thought to myself. The last word was written and for the first time in years, I was proud of my work. That Valero moment was a beginning of a journey.

The days that followed, I would pick up my pen and journal and just write. I found it to be extremely therapeutic in what seemed like a chaotic season of my life. You see, a week before the Valero moment, it seemed as if everything was falling apart. Many questions were going on inside of my head, “Am I experiencing a breakdown?” Gently and tenderly the Lord began to show me that it was not a breakdown but a breakthrough. “You are in a blooming season,” He told me. A blooming season? As I sat and thought about the process of a seed blooming into a flower, I could see how in fact that was true for my life. 

Writing filled my days. I had writings in the notes of my phone, on my laptop, some in my journal, and others on the back of random papers. I began to explore the idea of starting a blog, simply to categorize and organize them in one place for my own purpose. But what about the other people that are in a similar season? Could this be helpful for them? One day, I decided to go on a walk and once again questions began flooding my mind, “Lord, could I really write a blog?” His kind voice quickly responded, “Of course you can!” Nearing the end of the walk He dropped a name in my spirit: Blooming Beloved. It wasn’t just a name for a blog; it was what He was calling ME

Blooming Beloved is a place where I share my own blooming journey, and encourage others along the way. My prayer is that as you read these blog entries, that the Lord would bring hope, encouragement, and fresh insight to you. So sit back, relax, and join me on this journey as together we bloom into something beautiful.  


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