Reflective Eyes

A few years ago a dear friend sat with me and said, “Kendra, I want you to ask the Lord to take you to a safe place.” Immediately, I got the picture of the little creek behind my house. I saw Jesus and I reclining on a large stump watching the water trickle down the rocks and listening to the small trees bend in the wind. It was peaceful, but most importantly it really did feel safe. I looked at Him, with a concerned look wondering what He’s going to say, but He didn’t say a word. He simply smiled at me. His smile was contagious, and His kindness pulled me in close.

There have been several invitations to this peaceful place. It has become my safe haven. Many times I’m just looking at Him as He is looking at me and we are just smiling at each other. As I’ve spent more time with Him in this place, I’ve discovered the beauty in His eyes. As I gaze into His eyes, I begin to see things differently. 

One day, I was looking into the eyes of Jesus and I saw myself. I was beautiful and free. I was dancing in a field and twirling around like a little girl. There was no heaviness, just pure joy and delight. But that’s not what I see when I look in the mirror.  My reflection in the glass shows hurt, pain, and flaws. It’s hard to look at from time to time. So why is He seeing something different? 

I don’t believe the Lord is looking over or ignoring the pain and hurt. He is well aware and deeply cares whether I feel that or not. He’s bringing healing in ways I cannot comprehend. When I look in His eyes and see the beauty, it’s because that’s who I am. He sees me as the very thing He created me to be: victorious, pure, holy, joyful, and free. He sees me for who I truly am. 

He’s challenged me to take what I see in His eyes and to let that be my mirror. His eyes reflect the truth. To be honest, this is something I’m growing in. I’m not here to say I have it altogether, because I  have a lot to learn. But I’m growing… I’m learning to gaze in His eyes when difficult situations come up. I’m learning to ask questions such as: ”Jesus, what are you seeing in this situation? How do you view this person? How do you see me? “ What I’ve found is that His eyes always reflect love, and He changes my perspective when I stare into His eyes. 

So I challenge you with what He’s challenged me with….Let the eyes of Jesus be your mirror. Allow Him to show you what He sees about you, your family, friends, and situations. Get face to face with Him, pull up close and take a look at His beautiful, love filled eyes. It will change your perspective. 

**This beautiful piece of art was created by Cierra Byron. Cierra is one who gazes into the eyes of Jesus and draws what she sees. In the picture, if you look into the eyes of Jesus you will see me as a little girl. As Ive looked into His eyes and seen little Kendra, the Lord has been speaking to me about child likeness and innocence. This piece has really ministered to my heart. I would encourage you to check out Cierra’s shop and contact her about purchasing a piece of art. Here is the link to her store:


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