Stop Light Musings

It’s funny how one thinks of a car as a private place, but in reality one can see behind the glass at the stop light.

At the stop light I’ve seen tears shed, fights between loved ones, jam sessions to favorite tunes, and even a finger up the nose a time or two. 😬

What is it about this space that makes us feel as the outside world cannot peer in? Is it the tinted windows or the time alone?!

What a funny thing it is to be seen and not even know it.

The world sometimes feels like a car. As if we are hidden from all else. We do our thing…jam to the music, cry, fight, and it feels as if no one notices.

Yet…we are seen and known intimately. Our private moments are all noticed by One who cares so deeply.

I’ve been the person behind the wheel with tears pouring down my face, shouting out to God, and yes…even belting out my favorite tune trying to distract myself.

In these moments I’ve felt invisible, but the truth is there was One peering into the glass windows of the car with tears of His own falling down His face. There He was shedding caring, compassionate tears for ME! For me and with me this tender Man was sharing in my pain.

I gaze into those compassionate, tender, tear-filled eyes, and gasp as I realize how seen and known I really am.

My first reaction is cheeks turning red in embarrassment, but then I feel His deep love for me. This Man just saw me at my worse, but is still pursuing me.

I roll down the windows, unlock my doors, and let this Man in. A cool wind blows over, my pain follows with it.

Peace. Deep peace. It comes in like wave after wave, and settles my soul. Oh how wonderful it is to be truly seen and known. This man Jesus, so kindly comes in the private places and heals my soul.

The light is now green, and my windows are rolled down as a new jam session is in effect. This time it’s not to distract the tears, but to celebrate the Man who came into my lonely space. It’s to celebrate the One who saw me, cried with me, and ministered to that deep pain.

It’s a new song..A joyous song that fills the city as I drive along with the windows down.


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