Stop Light Musings

It’s funny how one thinks of a car as a private place, but in reality one can see behind the glass at the stop light. At the stop light I’ve seen tears shed, fights between loved ones, jam sessions to favorite tunes, and even a finger up the nose a time or two. 😬 What […]

The Pierced Hands That Pierced My Heart

Six years ago I was really struggling physically. I wont go into all the details now, but I had a brain tumor that was causing my legs to ache extremely bad. As I was driving to work one day, I tasted something in my mouth. It tasted like grape juice; however, I didn’t eat or […]

Let’s talk about sex!

Sex: a three letter word that many are afraid to talk about. But why? In a culture where sex is displayed on TV, social media, and billboards shouldn’t we be talking about it? In my opinion our culture is open to sex, but the Church has still been afraid to have conversations around it. This […]


As I was finishing up a client’s house, vacuuming their floors, the Lord invited me into a sweet conversation. He was asking me questions, and I was asking Him for the answers. Throughout all these questions, the Lord began to show me that one of my life messages is belonging. If you enter my little […]

Reflective Eyes

A few years ago a dear friend sat with me and said, “Kendra, I want you to ask the Lord to take you to a safe place.” Immediately, I got the picture of the little creek behind my house. I saw Jesus and I reclining on a large stump watching the water trickle down the […]

Blooming Season

The vacuum was whirling and to be honest so were the thoughts in my head. Round and round asking the Lord questions, He finally responded. “Kendra, it looks like there’s just a seed in the ground and nothing is happening, but wait. I can see what your natural eye cannot. There are beautiful things happening […]

Blooming Beloved

Driving into work, I was frantically searching for the nearest gas station. However, it wasn’t because my tank was empty. My head was full, and I needed to put my thoughts on paper. It seemed like miles passed by on the country roads before I spotted a Valero. Pulling up on the side of the […]

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