Blooming Season

The vacuum was whirling and to be honest so were the thoughts in my head. Round and round asking the Lord questions, He finally responded. “Kendra, it looks like there’s just a seed in the ground and nothing is happening, but wait. I can see what your natural eye cannot. There are beautiful things happening with that seed and soon will come the blooming season.” I have always found seeds intriguing. In first grade, I would catch myself staring at the plants in the window seal fascinated by how they changed each day. So why is it so hard to see myself as that beautiful seed in the window? After the Lord kindly spoke those precious words to me, it seemed as if everything was falling apart. The thoughts began whirling again: “Am I experiencing a breakdown? Is something wrong with me?” A few weeks went by and the Lord once again spoke ever so kindly and tenderly to me. “Kendra, it’s not a breakdown it’s a breakthrough. Remember the seeds? You’re in a blooming season.” Wow, a blooming season? I wouldn’t compare the pain I’m going through to budding and flowers. But…He was right it’s a blooming season. What if I’m in the painful process of exiting the shell of the seed and being rooted in the soil? It feels like death and looks like death, and yes some old things are dying. However, I would like to propose that this is more about the life and beauty that is on the way. It’s a breakthrough, not a breakdown. Breaking through the shell and being planted in the soil. Breaking through the soil and blooming into a beautiful flower. My friends, I know the pain is real, but what if YOU are in a blooming season? What if you AREN’T breaking down, but you are breaking THROUGH? I would encourage you to take it to the Lord and allow Him to show you what’s really going on underneath the soil. I’m sure He will show you some beauty!